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Hygiene Quotient is an initiative by Equinox Labs.
Equinox Labs has done over 1,000,000+ of Audits and found that the secret of ensuring Safety and Hygiene lies in the daily practices, followed by the onground team. To ensure that the defined protocols are followed consistently and across multiple sites and geographies, an evidence based system was needed. Hence the Hygiene Quotient was born.

The site uploads evidence and Equinox Quality Assurance Team grades it, generating a daily Hygiene Quotient. It covers kitchen safety, staff handwashing, food preparation techniques, hazard analysis, and more. It collects consistent data that help in standardizing operations, sends reports, identifies faulty areas with its easy-to-use checklist software.

About Hygiene Quotient

Equinox Labs

Equinox Labs is a leading FSSAI Notified, NABL Accredited and ISO 9001:2015 Certified Food, Water & Air Testing Laboratory and its India’s largest Auditing Agency.
With it’s Quality & Technology focused approach Equinox has gained 14,000+ satisfied clients across the FnB & Corporate Sectors and built a trustworthy relationship with over 40,000 Hotels & Restaurants across India.
Equinox’s 700 auditors in over 150 cities and a comprehensive methodology has made it the top choice in the auditing field.

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